25 killed in russian petrol tanker smash, including 8 in central Moscow, reports state. — RT (@RT_com) November 28, 2014

Putin and his top aides believe that it is time for an open discussion about how Russia and the West ca더킹카지노n cooperate. It will not be easy, given the current situation.

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However, there remains much to talk about. Putin needs to discuss what s우리카지노hould be the responsibility of the armed forces, the security forces and the civil service, as the situation in Ukraine is no longer calm.

Also, he needs to decide whether Russia is in the right economic and strategic situation for the long-term future. He needs to decide how to help Russia become a major economic engine, whether it is able to build pipelines and what the price of energy will be in the not too distant futjarvees.comure.

The president needs to decide whether Russia is not losing in global terms, which, in fact, was the case for years. As Vladimir Putin became his father’s successor, in the long run, Russia’s position has significantly worsened.

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